Look3 Festival of the Photograph Education Week

Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in education

Taught an official class for Look3 Festival of the Photograph as part of Education Week. From the course description:

It’s Not A Firehose: Curating your Content Across Multiple Platforms 

Pamela Chen, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic magazine

How can photographers navigate the landscape of today’s digital publishing world without losing their souls? This session is an in-depth look at how your creative process can adapt and benefit from multiple and specific platforms. The decisions you make affect your ultimate presence online, from concept and creation to distribution and marketing. In particular, social media and the rush to video and multimedia present questions that every photographer must confront individually.Through case studies, we will discuss considerations for producing cohesive video/multimedia and polished presentations in multiple mediums, tailoring streamlined workflows to scale to amplify the impact of your core content. What lessons we can learn and adapt from individual, boutique, and global brands?