Three Women

Posted by on Jun 8, 2010 in projects

Role: photographer

From the Project Description:

Three Women is a work of fiction. I wrote a script and I directed actors. But for me, these stories are also true. They tell the story of women in pain who struggle to make sense of their lives. Photographs tell these stories, not video, as I wanted viewers to have the opportunity to linger, to consider in a way that only still images, in their slowing down of time, can afford.

There are other things to say: about filmmaking techniques that can be used for both fiction and documentaries alike, how truth need not be factual, and a book a writer once rightfully titled All Stories are True.

The stories you’ll find here are narratives reduced to their emotional essence. I did not set out to address a series of “issues.” Rather, I wanted to focus on creating a mood, a palette of feelings that I hope will resonate once the viewing is done. -Eric Maierson