NYTM: The Beauty of the Power Game

Role: original music and sound design

Directed by Dewey Nicks
Produced by Miki Meek, Kathy Ryan, Stacey Baker, Tom Jackson/The New York Times Magazine
Produced by Sandrine Lima for Reel Sessions

Director of Photography (Video): Todd Heater
Music: Pamela Chen

Video shot with the Phantom Flex from Vision Research

Stylist: Susan Winget
Photo Assistant: Henry Han
Production Designer (L.A.): Liz Garner
Post-Production Editor: Damion Clayton, Rock Paper Scissor
Locations and Equipment: Court Yard Sportsplex, West Chester, Ohio; Milk Studios, Los Angeles; TechnoCranes Chicago; Panavision Remote Systems; Apache Rental Group; Abel Cine Tech

Hair (Williams): MateoJon
Makeup (Williams): Carlene K
All Other Players’ Hair: Gerald DeCock Makeup: Regina Harris.

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