CFR: Crisis Guide Darfur

Role: producer, The Grim Reality

Photographers: Lynsey Addario, Marcus Bleasdale, Stanley Greene, Olivier Jobard, Benjamin Lowy, Kadir van Lohuizen, Paolo Pellegrin
Producer: Pamela Chen
Design: Tim Klimowicz
Niam & Gitonga Interviews: Michael Kavanagh
Special Thanks to Kelly McEvers
Research: Jeremy Sherlick, Stephanie Hanson
Additional Footage: ABC, United Nations
Executive Producers: Brian Storm, Michael Moran

Published April 25, 2007

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About the project: The conflict raging in Sudan’s Darfur region since 2003 has claimed over 200,000 lives. Sudan has broken repeated promises to rein in its militia allies in the region, and Darfur rebel groups hae shown little interest in negotiating a peace agreement. Meanwhile, the suffering of Darfur’s people continues.

Crisis Guide: Darfur is the second in a series of interactive guides to the most complex issues and conflicts on the planet. The six-chapter project includes a multimedia narrative, interactive maps and timelines, and extensive information on the situation in Darfur.