WTA: Strong is Beautiful

Role: original music and sound design

Director: Dewey Nicks
Producer: Sandrine Lima
Concept: Kathy Ryan
Producers: Kathy Ryan, Stacey Baker, Miki Meek
Wardrobe Concept: Susan Winget
Music: Pamela Chen
Cinematography: Todd Heater
Editing: Biff Butler
Additional Cinematography/Editing: Ben Winter
Production Design: Liz Garner
Makeup Design: Regina Harris
Hair Design: Gerald Decock

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Dewey Nicks: Strong is Beautiful on Nowness.com.

Original music and sound design commissioned for this short film directed by Dewey Nicks for the Women’s Tennis Association Strong is Beautiful campaign. Based on a concept we first debuted in the New York Times Magazine story “the Beauty of the Power Game”, the film features 12 of the world’s top professional women’s tennis players and highlights their signature strokes in slow motion, shot with a 600-frames-per-second Phantom EFX camera.